Shocks and Struts Provide Smooth Handling and Safe Driving

Shocks and Struts Provide Smooth Handling and Safe Driving

Shocks and struts are a vital part of your car’s suspension system. They stabilize your car I keeping your wheels connected to the ground. Like any important part of your car, they need maintenance from time to time to insure they are functioning safely. By knowing more about their functions and diagnosing potential trouble spots, you’ll know what to look for and how to keep your vehicle safely on the road.

What Are Shocks and Struts?

Basically, shocks and struts dampen the impact of the springs which absorb the shocks your vehicle endures on rugged surfaces like potholes or bumps. In keeping your car from bouncing up and down or rattling excessively, they provide better handling and an ultimately safer vehicle. Without them, your wheels could lose contact with the ground should it encounter rigid terrain. This can create serious safety concerns for passengers or other motorists.

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Shock and struts repair

How They Differ

Shocks are a simple cylinder-like case which contributes to shock absorption of your vehicle. Struts, however are a more complex part of your vehicle’s suspension system. They’re protected by a coil spring mechanism designed to absorb the shock caused by its coil springs. Typically, your vehicle’s front suspension is equipped by shocks with the struts covering the rear suspension. Because of their industrial uses, trucks commonly have shocks on both front and rear suspension.

Signs Of Trouble

Knowing when your shocks or struts are failure can help you trouble shoot problems before the vehicle becomes dangerous to operate. One of the first signs to look for is commonly referred to as bottoming out. When this happens, the rear end of your vehicle sinks low enough to make contact with the road. Also, if you notice this happening when backing out of a driveway or with several passengers in the back seat, you might be experiencing problems as well. Worn shocks or struts can also cause your vehicle to shake excessively when driving around corners. Should you notice this, unpredictable handling or an uncomfortable bumpy ride every time you drive, you can be driving with badly worn shocks and struts. Whether in tandem with one another or individually, each of these instances are serious warning signs. Failure to take action to replace your shocks or struts can cause your vehicle to be extremely dangerous to drive.

However, by catching some of these warning signs early and keeping your vehicle properly maintained, you can protect your vehicle from significant damage and expensive repairs.

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